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This game is for advanced to fluency level students. Divide the stuents into groups and give each group an "unusual" item (I usually use household objects or unusual gadgets). Then tell them their mission......

They have come from the planet "Glog" to discover new things on earth but when they arrive on earth they only have a couple of minutes to select an item to take back to "Glog". They don't know what it is but they have to go back to "Glog" and descibe it and it's function in detail to their high commander and the other explorers of earth.

NB. Normally I tell my students that they only had a couple of minutes on earth because instead of exploring earth they went off on a R&R to another planet and lost track of time. However, the High Commander cannot be made aware of this.....

The students then discuss possible alternatives within a 15 minute period of time after which they have to report back to the high commander (you) and the other explorers (the other students) what they have found on earth. The high commander and the rest of the class then ask questions about the object.

This is a fun game and the students love it.......... It's good for conversational skills, fluency, and also good for oral exam preparation.

Trish Clemas
[email protected]
Location: Mexico, DF

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