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Dunken Lukes "Blind Body Parts"

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Ok Guys, the name of the game is "blind body parts" and i am drunken luke. :) I have found this game works REALLY well with Chinese students that have recently learnt most of the human body parts (basic ones, eyes, nose, legs, arms you get the idea) Slit the class in 2 (or more if you have a large class) now explain that you are going to have a member from each team, one by one, to draw the body part you say on the blackboard. Here is where it get interesting, start from the head (with hair, face, eyes, nose etc) and work your way down. As the first student approaces the blackboard, hold a large book of peice of paper in front of his/her eyes so they cannot sea what they are drawing. Give them a max time of around 20sec to complete their specific body part. also allow the other members of their teach to yell out instructions to try and help them, but they must be in english, up down lert right ok no etc. Then get the next team to draw the same body part (starting a new body) you go back and forth picking a different person from each team to draw the next part "blind". No be warned, this game is LOUD the students team members usually get incredibly excited as they try to shout instructions from the back of the class in the 20sec allowed. As the warped and difigured bodys start to take shape expect roars of laughter and screams of dismay from the teams who accedently draw hands comming out of faces and eyes where knees should be.
Its a great fun way to reinforce teachings on the body, also if the students are a little older you can make it more interesting by being a little rude, (ie "OK, Now Jenny, you have to draw........NIPPLES") the poor embarressed girl runs up amid screams of laughter from her teamates... well you get the pictue.
Hope this works well for anyone out there who wants to use it.
Please feel free to email me with any comments or imporvements you come up with in this game.
Lucas in qingdao.
PS Sorry about spelling.
gotta go.

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