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We Are the World, for large groups

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This activity works well outside. I teach at an international school with students from around the world. We did this activity when we had the whole school together for a lecture.

I did it on a soccer field. Students were seated on the bleechers while the instructions were explained.

First emphasis that we are the world. That the whole world is represented by us.

Explain: This field is a map of the world. The whole world is here, and we are going to show a representation of it. I will stand in the middle. I am the school. You must stand on the field in the country, in the city, where you were born. If you were born very close to NY (the location of our school) you should stand close to me. If you were born far away, stand far away.

Students had a good time arranging themselves (especially trying to agree on North). The Italian students spent a lot of time figuring out the relative locations of their cities. We have a lot of Korean students and so Korea was huge.

I yelled "Where is Japan? Where is Russia?" It's a good time to take a picture.

After the activity, break into a circle. We did another activity as a circle (maybe holding hand and 'sending a squeeze' around the circle) to show our unity.

Ted Kelsey
[email protected]

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