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Practise Past Participles

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Get all the students sitting on chairs in a circle then stand in the centre and say: "Swap chairs if you have ever ....." i.e 'been to Europe', 'eaten rice', 'seen a movie starring Tom Cruise'. If the students have 'been to Europe' (or whatever) they MUST swap chairs with another student who has also stood up. The first time they do this - stay where you are. The second time - quickly sit down in one of the free chairs - this of course leaves one student standing in the middle and now he/she has to say "Swap chairs if you have ever/never ...".

As they play, the students will realise that the more general their sentence is the better, because more students will move. If only one student stands then they swap with the speaker, if no students stand the speaker just makes another sentence. After several tries you can move up a gear by making new rules such as: you can't swap with anyone immediately to your left/right, who has the same colour t-shirt, etc, which contributes to the chaos. I first used this to practise Present Perfect, but obviously it can be used to practise past participles for whatever grammar point you're teaching, or just as a fun game. The students really enjoy it, I can honestly say it's never failed.

Karen H - Brighton, UK (thanks to Kirsty for the idea)

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