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This is a great group activity to review a unit about clothing. First teach your class some basic clothes (eg. T-shirt, blouse, pants, skirt, dress, hat, handbag etc.)

Divide your class in to small groups (4-5 people) and have a newspaper fashion parade. Each group is given a pair of scissors, sticky tape and recycled newspapers. One or two students (perhaps a girl and a boy) can be dressed up with the newspapers. Students have to create items of clothing with the newspaper. Give 20 minutes for this.

Then one student has to be a commentator and says "she's wearing...., he's wearing...) saying the items of clothing. Play some music and have the models walk on the catwalk while the commentator speaks. It worked well in my classes of teenagers and at Engish camps. You could make it into a competition and the best design wins.

Ishara Ratnayake

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