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Bargaining game- Shopping vocab.

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Target structure- "How much is that ...?" "It's ... dollars." Okay, I'll take it./No, thanks (pre-teach this vocab and practice it a lot before beginning the game).

Materials- play money, (enough for each student to have about $15 or equivalent in other currency), picture cards for half the students.

I used this game with Japanese 6th graders, and it worked really well. The original idea came from (called 'bargaining game') but I've added my own spin to it.

I gave each student about $15 in american play money 1's and 5's. Half the students were given an item to sell (I used pictures of fruits and other foods.) The goal was to make as much money as possible in the given time (about 10-15 minutes.)

Students holding cards would sell them to the students without, who would then find another person to sell them to. Anyone who ran out of money could come to the Sensei Ginko for a little more to play with. The students had to bargain with each other until they reached a mutually agreeable price, which could not go above ten dollars. The conversations went like this:

A-How much is that apple?
B-Eight dollars!
A-No! Two Dollars!
B-No! Five dollars.
A-Okay, I'll take it.

The students got really into it- hawking their wares (Hamburger! Hamburger 3 dollars!), driving hard bargains, and using the vocab over and over and over again. At the end, we counted up the money to see who was the best salesperson- the 'millionaire'.

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