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Disciplining University Students

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I've been working in the university system for awhile and some very common problems are: 1. Cell phones ringing during class, 2. not speaking the L2 and 3. arriving late.

While it is necessary to be strict at the beginning of the semester to establish your credibility, I find that emphasizing the positive works much better than the negative. Thus, I prefer to reward my students points for following the classroom rules. I give them extra points for their participation, attendance and effort. However, I find that I need to enforce the "cookie rule" at times. My cookie rule only pertains to speaking the L1 or ringing cell phones. Infractions usually occur after midterm when they are pretty exhaused with school. I require that my students bring cookies for the class for their infractions. Works pretty well most of the time.

However, I've heard of other teachers using more aggressive tactics such as:
1. anytime a cell phone goes off, it will be answered by the teacher
2. collecting money for a cell phone going off (I don't recommend)
3. late arrivals will be locked out
4. if homework that was due at the beginning of class is turned in at
the end of class, it is considered too late and not collected.

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