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Guides and important places

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1-First of all get some photos of important places before the class.Put these on different places of the classroom walls.
2-Then divide the S's into groups.If the number of S's in a group and the numbers of the photos is the same that will be perfect.
3-For the first round choose one GUIDE from each group.
4-The guide takes his group in front of the photo and tell about it.It may be imaginary.
5- Then for the next photos,change the guide in every group and do the same.
6- After all the photos are "visited" and told about,ask S's what they have learnt about the places.
7-It is also possible to make them write about 2 or 3 places

Yusuf Bozkurt
Fatma Emin Kutvar Anatolian High School
BAlękesir TURKEY
[email protected]

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