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Twee Bunglar
Gonohe Machi
Aomori Ken

This is a fun game to play with Japanese students who find certain English sounds difficult to pronounce. Essentially its a variation on Chinese Whispers, but instead of a phrase I just use a combination of two similar sounding english words which have sounds that are tricky for Japanese kids to prounounce; such as LAW RAW or SHEEP SEEP. First of all I seperate the kids into their lunch groups, then I call the groups up individually to form a line in front of the blackboard so the class can see them. I call the first kid aside and clearly whisper what is written on the card in his/her ear. This kid then does the same to the person next to them and that person then does the same again etc. I like to move to the end of the line so I'm the one who announces to the class the message which has reached the end of the line. Without fail, the adulterated results are always hilarious and will have the class in stitches. This lesson teaches the kids the importance of correct pronunciation and I like to hand out sammy diagrams afterwords so the kids can see the proper ways to pronounce those tricky sounds. Next time they should do better.

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