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Ol' West Shootout

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Ol’ West Shootout
Great game for reviewing recent vocabulary, various tenses.

Students write a word/subject/recent vocab on 4x5 index cards. Have them write as many words as possible, and then turn them into you.

After taking the index cards from the class, hand them out face down in front of each student. Then each of them holds it in front of them WITHOUT LOOKING AT IT for the other student to describe to the person holding the card. The student gets three tries to guess what the word is. “Correct” cards go in one pile and “Three Strikes/Time-0ut” cards go in another pile. The pair with the most “Correct” cards wins – whatever that entails…

For added pressure or advanced groups, time them. Twenty seconds for advanced groups, 30 intermediate, 45 beginner.

For a variation cut out pictures of people, places, things, activities, etc. Can be used with almost anything.

To work on specific tenses, tell students the pictures are from a 100 years ago (past), right now (present continuous), in 100 years (future).

Feel free to let me know how it goes or ask questions!

Josh Ellis
Bielsko, Poland
[email protected]

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