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Human Spelling Machine

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I have learned this game from a friend and have done it myself with my kids. Most of them loved it. Those who didn't like it were either not paying attention or couldn't recognize the letters.

Materials: Make 4 sets of alphabet cards. (Try to make them big and bold)

1) This is a race. Divide your class into 2 groups.

2) For each group, give them 2 sets of the alphabet cards each.

3) Before you hand out the cards, shuffle them real good, then give each student 2 to 3 cards depending on the number of your students.

4) Say a word out loud, then say "Go!" or "Now Spell!"

5) Students in each group will have to help each other find out who has the letters involved in that very word you have just called out. Then the person with that letter card will have to run to the front. Then the "human letters" must line themselves up in order of that word.

6) When the group thinks they have spelled the word, they must lift their cards way up high in the air and yell "finished" together. If they forget to do the above procedure, even though they have spelled it correctly, it will not be counted.

7) 2-3 points for the winning team; 1 for the slower team which got the word right.

8) To challenge your students, add a time limit (e.g. 1min)

It's a fun game and good review. Try it! Your kids may love it too!

Chiba, Japan

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