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Shoes and Ships and Sealing Wax

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It's possible to talk about almost anything for an hour or two without repeating yourself. Consider, for example, a paper clip: It's made of metal. It isn't edible. I can hold it in my hand. It isn't as big as a Mercedes. You can drop it. It doesn't have wings. And on and on, ad infinitum.
I warm up my weekly adult class by giving one of them (call him A) an object (a quarter, a paper cup, a comb, a shoe lace, ...)
A says to neighbor B, "Tell me something about this." B responds. B's neighbor, C, asks his neighbor, D, "What did he say?" D responds "He said...".
Then B becomes A, C becomes B, etc., and the round is repeated. After each student has been A, we end the exercise and get on with the day's lesson.
Interaction, speaking, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, fun.... What more could you want?
John Crawford, volunteer at LVA Centenary

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