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Don't Speak (No Doubt)

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If doing a receptive skills lesson on listening this is a good song that some students will be familiar with - I used it with intermediates and it went down well. The song features uses of the present continuous tense and imperatives and I devised a few activities that could be used:

1. "Find the tenses" gap-fill sheet - verbs in the song are blanked out and the present simple form of the verb is in brackets next to the blank - students have to fill in the correct tense

2. "Which one is an imperative?" True or false sheet - ten sentences that are a mixture of imperatives, questions and statements - students have to tick "true" if the sentence is an imperative

3. A classic - cut up and randomise the lyrics and the students have to put them in the correct order

4. "Simon Says" - imperatives game that could be used with lower level students

These all worked very well with intermediates so feel free to adapt or just use them as they are.

Gloucestershire, UK

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