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My name on an apple (Tell me your name!)

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Copy the students’ first names on 4x4 in. cardboard squares and place them on top of apples by toothpicks or similar items (one apple per each student); Before that you might have a demo with your own name and apple; then ask each student to come to the front, look for his/her name, tell him/her to pick up the apple with his or her name and tell it to their classmates; He or she has to say the name aloud like this: “God morning (afternoon or evening). My name is: _________and I am ______years old. Nice to meet you”. The cards have two more questions on the back. Eventually, by going in turns in the seat rows, each student will read the questions and provide the answers to the whole class. They could be for example: “What’s your favorite music?”, “Do you have a pet”, “What kind of food do you like”, “Do you like to dance”, and so forth, eliciting answers. The other students have to take notes about the answers to eventually reply questions from the teacher or instructor. It’s a very nice “icebreaker” activity. Another variation could be having the students pick up a card with “likely” adjectives about them. They have to call them out and reply if the are like that. For example: “lazy”, “cordial”, “grumpy”, shy”, "vivacious", "timid",
“talkative” “friendly”, "empathic", "extrovert" "empathic”,“congenial”, “sincere”, “easygoing” synonyms and antonyms, and so forth. The teacher will explain the basic meanings if the words are not familiar to the students. It’s a good activity to learn new vocabulary. They have to ask the meaning each other or look for them on their dictionaries if unknown.
Prof. Edgar Axel González
Cospae ESL Institute
Panama, Rep. Of Panama
[email protected]

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