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Compound Word Game

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Make up a list of words that can be used to form compound words and group them in sets of three's (e.g. nail, print, tip). Divide your class into two teams and elect one member from each team to be the "animator". Have each "animator" draw all three words on the board. Once their respective teams have guessed the three base words, the teams must guess the "common" word that can be used to form a compound word with each of the base words (e.g. finger - nail, finger - print, finger - tip).

Here are some more examples:

dragon, fire, bar (common word = fire)
shoe, storm, man (common word = snow)
light, break, time (common word = day)
photo, right, cat (common word = copy)
blue, humming, brain (common word = bird)
rest, pit, chair (common word = arm)
brush, paste, pick (common word = tooth)

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