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Here is an activity that my students really enjoyed that helped them to understand the reading technique of visualization. I used this lesson as a jump start to a poetry unit.

As a class, we defined visualization. Then, I gave every student a copy of the lyrics to "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" by the Beatles. They listened to the song and read along and then I read the lyrics to them. We then listed the images that stuck out to them.

After that each group of three students was given a sentence strip with a portion of the lyrics on it. A piece of concrete imagery. Each group was asked to 1.) determine the meaning of any unknown words or phrases 2.) visualize the images and discuss it with their group 3.) create a piece of artwork to represent the visual image

When we were through, students shared their pieces of art and we made a big collage that represented the song in its entirety. It was a lot of fun and got the class really thinking!

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