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The Twister Game (Great for big groups of people)

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This game is best to be played in a large group. Divide the ppl into groups of 3. However, 1 or 2 people must not be in a group, they are the extras. In each group, 2 persons will stand and face each other while holding each other hands. The 3rd person in the group will squat/kneel in between the 2 person. So basically the 2 persons who're standing up are called the "House", while the person kneeling in between is a "Human". The host of the game can shout either 1 of the 3 commands at 1 time:

1.)Fire: Fire burns down the houses. so people who are the "house" must change partners to form new "houses", they cannot remain to be a "house with their existing partners. The people who are "human" must not move, they must remain in their existing place so that the people who are the "houses" can form "houses" over them.

2.)Flood: Flood causes humans to drown. Therefore, the "human" must change to other "houses", they cannot remain in the same existing "house". The people who are the "houses" do not move this time.

3.)Twister: Everybody have to change their position. For the people who the "house", they can either change partners, or they can kneel down to become "humans" themselves. For the people who are the "human", they can either change to other "houses", or they can stand up and partner with someone to become a "house".

When the host shouts either 1 of the command, the 1 or 2 people who the extras must move quickly so that they can compete with the original players by partnering up with someone to become "houses", or by becoming "humans" and occupy the "houses". As a result, there will be either 1 or 2 people to be left out everytime the host shouts a command. The host should take note of the people who are left out each time he/she shouts a new command. The person who is being left out the most number of times will be punished.

PS: To enhance the excitement, the host shouldn't wait too long to shout another new command. Besides, the host can can shout 2 or 3 new command continuously so that players will feel extra nervous when they're changing their position.

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