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Howdy there,

So you wanna REVIEW MONTHS? Here's a way that's suitable for small groups (2-4 students is good). I use it with kids, but there's no reason it couldn't be used with adults, too.

You need:
a 12 sided dice (does anyone say 'die' anymore?)
or two six-sided dice.

It's Student X's turn. She rolls the dice. It's a six. The first student to call out "June" is the winner. That student rolls next.

Simple, huh? As long as abilities are reasonably balanced, students get a kick out of it. You could give a 'chip' reward to the winner, but I've found that students like the per round untallied competition just fine.

If there's one particularly strong student add a rule: The winner becomes the 'teacher', rolls but can't take part in that round. That prevents the same student from winning every round.

Want to expand the game beyond just vocab? The winner has to use the month in a sentence (i.e. the lessons target language). e.g. "I went to Hawaii in June".

You can even get another student to volunteer a question or comment, e.g. "Who did you go with?", etc. Of course you don't want things to slow down too much, right?!

Dice can be used for a number of targets - teaching days, months, years, 'for' and 'since' and...well, numbers! (from single digits to trillions!). If you want some more ideas, give me a whirl:
[email protected]

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