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Good for true beginners - I use this the first day of my German classes. Students learn some basic vocabulary for introductions, such as Hello, My name is, I come from, I like, I don't like, Thank you and Good-bye.
Their assignment for the next class is to bring in a small paper bag with 3 items that represent them. They must be prepared to say hello to the class, introduce themselves & tell where they come from, and name the three things they like, then say thank you and good-bye.

Variation: After saying the three things they like, they then describe what the item represents and tell the class a little about the item. For example, a student brings in a picture of their dog and tells the class about it in 2-3 sentences; or a baseball card and they explain that the Phillies are their favorite team; or a miniature soccer ball represents their favorite sport. For ESL students, this provides good practice.

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