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I don't know if this was already mentioned, but it's an easy game for beginners to recognize and pronounce vocabulary. My students beg to play it. It works with all kinds of vocabulary (numbers, body parts, colors, clothing names, family members). If you are working on listening and speaking, but not reading and spelling, then just use drawings of the items (e.g., draw clothing items, use numerals but not number words, draw body parts).

Needed: Blank transparencies, overhead projector, screen or blank wall for projecting on, transparency markers, 2 flyswatters

1. On a transparency write the vocabulary words (e.g., numbers 1 to 10), scattered all over the paper randomly. Use about 10 words per transparency.

2. Divide class into two teams and line them up on either side of the screen. Give first person in each team a flyswatter. Have them stand close to each side of screen where you are projecting the transparency.

3. Call out a word. First student to TOUCH the correct word earns a point. Flyswatters are passed to next two players. If neither gets it in a few seconds (we all hum the Jeopardy theme song when they start to take too long - it's up to you how much time you think they'll need).

You must stay on the first word you touched - no fishing around or touching all the words until you get the right one.
No telling your teammate the answer.
No hitting the screen hard - lose one point if you do.
No using the flyswatters as weapons to swat opponents away!

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