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The longest sentence in the world

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You need some cards (50 is about the minimum to begin with) on which are written personal pronouns, nouns, verbs, adjective and adverbs. You will also need plenty of conjunctions.
Ask the student to make a sentence from the selection of words. Say he comes up with.
"He went to the shop" you (or another student) then adds a conjunction, "and" (or any other word which will cause the sentence to continue) and the sentence goes on: "He went to the shop and bought an ice-cream..."(someone adds "then") etc., so that the sentence never actually finishes.

I have had some hilarious sentences from my students, the longest being 117 words and included: 'I rode in my blue electric ice-cream car..' !
It doesn't have to make sense as long as the English is correct.
I usually have a few spare blank cards and a felt pen handy in case my students want to add a new word to the game.
One beginner amazed me by adding 'photosynthesis' - and using it correctly!
This game began life as a way of helping absolute beginners form simple sentences, so it can be used that way too.

Further details from me at [email protected]

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