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Fusion Story Writing

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I've been teaching in Korea for three years now and I've found this activity to be a success everytime I've used it. This activity has been great with grade 4's to grade 9's. The students get into it when they are dealing with information that they are familiar with and enthusiastic about.

- I ask the students what movies they've seen. I'll try to keep up with what the kids find or would find interesting.
- Then I'll choose two or three movie titles that the kids have thrown at me
**** I have to make sure that ALL the students have seen the movies I've chosen.
- I'll split the class in groups of 2~3
- Each group must take the characters and main points of the plots from each movie and put them together to create a NEW story
- For the younger / lower level students, I'll have them write as quickly and as much as possible. I'm not terribly concerned with correct grammar and structure - I'll check it afterwards. What's important is to have the students feel enthusiastic and creative with their ideas.
- the older the students / the higher the level gets, the more strict I'll be in having the students be careful with their grammar and structure.
- Usually I'll set a 20 min time limit

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