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Group formation is a good oportunity to make your students get in the mood for the upcoming activity. As I do love teasing my students and making them think, I came up with this one to form groups. I write some names in pieces of paper in advance and tell them they are supposed to walk around and find their partners according to the matching words and the number of students per group(for example: banana, apple, orange and pear are a group because they are all names of fruits). What drives the kids crazy is that I choose words that have nothing to do, but begin with the same letter (e. g.: mango, mountain, mean, mistake). It take them a while to figure that out, and eventually they will be able to form their groups and laugh as well.... beware, because some of them will be really mad at you!! Let me know how it works.

Alberto Valença Neto
[email protected]

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