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This is a great game for teaching students prepositions!

Design and create a map of a city (I used Downtown Toronto, Canada) and make a list of landmarks you want to put on the maps.

If you have a class of ten students then have ten landmarks, then create ten maps and put one landmark on each map. Make sure you have a compass and road names clearly marked on the map. On each of the ten maps mark down a starting point.

Once you have all of this done then hand out the maps to the students. On each map the ten students have the location of one landmark and his/her starting point. Tell the students that their goal is to go and get the location of the other landmarks and on how they can get there from their starting point by asking their classmates.

I tried this exercise with two classes that I teach here in Shanghai and it worked out quite well despite the fact that one class was at beginner level while the other one was at intermediate level.

Students appreciate the fact that they are being given a lesson on a practical use of English. Also this forces them to speak English and participate.

Shanghai China
From Toronto Canada

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