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Chuck the verb!

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I've used this with adults and young learners around the world. It can be used with vocabulary or grammar items, or with common errors.

You need a sheaf of paper with the base form of the verb, or the vocab item, or the error written one to each sheet of paper. Put the pile of paper face down on a chair halfway down your classroom. At the other end put a waste paper bin on a table or on a chair.

Form your class into teams.

In turn, a person from each team steps up to the chair, picks up the first sheet of paper, shows it to everyone, and either gives the verb conjugations, or explains/translates the vocab, or corrects the error. The rest of the team must be quiet when they do this - no prompting allowed.

If the answer is not correct, the sheet of paper goes back into the pile.

If the answer is correct, the student's team gets a point. Now, for another point, they can scrunch up the paper and try and throw it in the bin.

By the end of the game the really difficult items are left: this is a chance to test what they remember and maybe re-teach.

Students seem to enjoy scrunching up and throwing away items that give them difficulty!

Sarah Walker

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