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understanding new nouns in detail

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I have to admit, I found this activity in a random english book, most of it is not my own:

When I want students to learn a new set of vocabulary words I make up worksheets that are a 8.5/11 sheet of paper divided into 16 equal cells. Each word gets two cells and in one cell you have the students write the word, a positive sentence using the word, and a negative sentence using the word (eg: mountains, Some mountains are snowy. Mountains are not flat.) In the next cell you have them draw a picture of the word. This activity really is only good for nouns. Another thing you can do is cut out each cell, and write the word on the opposite side, then you automatically have flash cards for studying.

Hope this helps
Nate Bogie
in Tunis, tunisia
but I hail from the San Francisco bay
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