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I made up several lists (10 words each) of simple words that sound similar, but are very different. All the students take out a piece of scrap paper and are ready to write. Then I go around the room and randomly choose a student to read a word on the list to their classmates. They can only say the word 3 times. Then I go on to the next word on the list. At the end of the list, I ask the students what they wrote down and write the correct word on the board.

I did this with my university students and they enjoyed it immensly. The only challenge is to keep them from translating it to their friend so they get the correct answer. It's a wonderful short activity to wake them up or before the end of class.

Here are some examples of words for a list:
think - sink
three - tree
vest - west
cheeks - chicks
pepper - paper
sip - ship
vet - wet
pen - pin
warm - worm
thick - sick

Andrea - Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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