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Irresistible Irregular Spelling Bee

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I tried this with my intermediate and advanced mixed level group and they loved it!!! Divide the group by their levels or mix them if you think the intermediates can hang in there. Two groups are good. Write on cards the present tense form of a verb on the top and the past tense form on the bottom. For example:
Explain to the students that they need to say to their opponent the present tense form of the verb or the verb on top. The opponent then has to correctly and clearly say the past tense form of the irregular verb for one point. If they can spell it also they get another point. Students can either sit across from each other and take turns every fourth or fifth word or one group can stand in front of the class in a row until the whole list is covered and then switch teams. I gave candy bars to the winners, but a point system could work as well. Have fun, I did!!!
Humboldt, California

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