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Write Dear America letters with your ESL students

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This lesson plan is intended for non-American ESL students who are interested in U.S. politics and world affairs. Students are asked to draft a Dear America letter that addresses the U.S. voting population. The letters should convey a message that is relevant to the 2004 U.S. presidential election.

After editing for grammar and spelling, the teacher and/or students will type the hand-written letters and upload them to the Voices '04 web site ("> Voices '04 is an online project devoted to fostering a constructive dialogue between Americans and non-Americans in advance of this year's presidential election.

Skills Developed
- Writing and Grammar
- Reading Comprehension
- Letter Writing Etiquette and Expressions
- World Politics and Governance Vocabulary

Time Required
- 90 Minutes in Class
- 30 Minutes Online

- Photocopies of supporting documents
- Photocopies of the Dear America letterform
- Pens or Pencils

English Level
- Intermediate to Advanced

To view the full lesson plan, please follow the link below:">ESL Lesson Plan: Write to U.S. voters using the Internet

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