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I am not sure if I found this game here or at another site, but I think another. It has been such a HUGE SUCCESS that I have to share it here too!

Prepare strips of paper with sentences or words that you are practicing.
In a class of 24 students I prepare 30 papers, 3 or 4 of which say KABOOM!
Cover a Pringles container with colored paper and write KABOOM on the outside of it!
Place the paper strips into the container.
Let students come up 1 at a time, take a paper and read it outloud for the rest of the class to hear. If they read it correctly they can return to their seat with it. If not, then they return it to the container.
If they pull out a paper with KABOOM on it, that student needs to collect back all of the papers from his or her team mates.
(If you run out of papers just tally them up and write how many each team had on the whiteboard.)
Play until the bell rings! The winning team is the team with the most papers still in their hands at the end of the class.

I hope your students get as excited about it as mine do. It has the tendency to be a loud game. The students will chant 'KABOOM' over and over again, hoping the other teams students will pull a "KABOOM" out of the container.

Another option is to use folded up papers in a box or bucket. Let the students take one out with a pair of chopsticks. You will be amazed and entertained that some of them cannot use chopsticks. Remind them, no hands or fingers ... chopsticks only! After they retrieve a paper, they can open and read it. Continue as Kaboom normally would.

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