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The HUMAN KNOT ~ warm up fun!

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Group students in teams of 5 or more students.
Have them stand in a circle.
Each student needs to put on hand into the middle and hold hands with another student. THE ONLY RULES ARE, YOU CANNOT HOLD HANDS WITH THE PERSON NEXT TO YOU and YOU CANNOT HOLD BOTH HANDS WITH THE SAME PERSON.
After you are holding one hand, put your second hand in and hold someone elses hand. Now, you have a 'Human Knot!'.

The students need to try to untangle themselves WITHOUT letting go of their hands.

Encourage them to use directions such as STEP OVER, GO UNDER, TURN AROUND, GO THROUGH. They will soon have the hang of it!

The best part of this is when you say nothing at all! Join in and let them guide you. They love to play teams against teams, to see who can unknot themselves the quickest.

There are only 2 ways to successfully 'UNKNOT'.

1. First, you will have one circle again, all hands joined but some may be facing inwards and others outwards.
2. Second, you will have two joined circles.

SMILE and have FUN!

Hsinchu, Taiwan
[email protected]

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