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This repeated use of humiliation is appauling!

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I am appauled at the repeated use of belittlement and degradation as tools for discipline. We as teachers have the responsibility to support, encourage and enlighten our students: NOT to break their spirit and reduce them to humiliated, petrified beings; afraid to contribute and learn. This type of treatment greatly reduces self-esteem and motivation as well as lowers the students abilities to perform. When people are focusing on being embarrassed their minds go blank and they are imobilized. Please try to use more affirming techniques that put more emphasis on the classwork and positive behavior than focusing on the negative.
The idea I liked was Sillies Bye-Bye. I suggest that each child begins the day with 3 game chips on their desk. If negative behavior occurs, the teacher takes one chip without making any reference to the behavior. If arguing occurs another chip is removed. The number of chips is tallied at the end of the day and small prizes are bought with the points. This minimized attention to the negative behavior and is not belittling in the least. Thank you.
Aimee, Illinois, USA

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