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Santos Rabbit Hole (SS love it)

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This is an excellent dynamic for forming trios. I ask everybody in the classroom to stand up and then I make them walk around in the classroom always getting mixed with the rest of the students (It´s necessary to get sure nobody is following a student in particular since the main purpose of this is activity is to get students who don´t use to work together into the same trio) then when I shout "RABBIT HOLE!" two students have to grab each other by the hands and then get a third student into the rabbit hole which is formed by themselves. Once the trios are formed I assign the task to be completed. You might wish to tease students by shouting stuff such as: rabbit ball, or hobbit hole, etc. so that they identify the words and they form trios only when you say rabbit hole.

Francisco Javier Santos
Canadian Center
Tuxtla Gutiérrez Chiapas; Mexico

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