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Face Race

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I've played this game with ages ages six through twelve and the kids love it. With construction paper make three or four sets of eyes, ears, noses, eyebrows, mouths and hair. The more colorful and crazy the better. In the noses you might include an elephant's trunk or a duck's bill, you get idea. These face parts are put on the board, sheet magnets have been fixed on the back, and each set is given a number from one to six. Divide the class into two groups and these groups take turns rolling a die. If someone rolls a one and one is the number for the nose set that child gets to choose from among the noses to start putting together a face on his side of the board. The other group puts together a face on their side of the board. The group that puts finishes making its face first wins. Once the game is well under way numbers will start to repeat. If one comes up again, well the nose is already on the board so nothing can be added to the face on that turn and one team will eventually pull ahead of the other. The kids get excited watching the die (I use a large plush toy die that's easy to see.) so they may have to be reminded to respond in english, "One, nose" or however you chose to use the cue of the die number, but I guarantee they'll love the game.
David Little, Japan

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