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Can you come to my party?

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This is an easy activity with no preparation time and unfortunately I did not invent it myself. But the kids love it!
Each student needs a pen and a piece of paper. Ask them to write down all the seven weekdays.
Tell them that each student will throw a party and has to invite as many class mates as possible. But before the activity starts each student has to choose:
- the day of the pary
- another day where he/she must go to bed early and cannot go out
- a third day where he/she goes to the gym and therefore cannot go to any party.

Now all the students walk around in class and try to invite each other.
Dialogues should go like this:
"Can you come to my party on wednesday?"
"Sorry, I cannot. On wednesday I must go to bed early/ to the gym/ to another pary."
OR "Yes, of course!"

Each students writes down the names of the class-mates who will come to his/her party. The one who can throw the biggest party wins!
It get's very loud in the class-room but most of the kids really like it.

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