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Who am I?!

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Have students all write lists of famous people or characters that they believe ANYONE should know. Have them write quickly for a few minutes. Examples... Madonna, Micky Mouse. Then collect papers and you select a bunch of names and then write each name individually on an index card. (You can use for other classes) Don't let students peek at what their peers are writing. It is top SECRET!

The game:
1) Pick 3-4 people to sit in the front. Place a card with a name of WHO they are behind them ( a famous person, ect) Tape it up. They can't peek.

2) Each person in front can ask 1 question related to who they are, (EXCEPT... who am I? ) Example...Am I a boy or a girl? Am I a movie star?
The class answers for them. Each person goes down the line asking until they figure out who they are. A guess also counts as a question, so they will ask wisely. Once they guess who they are, they get to sit down and a new person fills their chair.

This game is fun, highly recommended and involves student creativity, much vocabulary and interaction.

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