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Interesting Blue Zebra - Rhythm concentration game

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This game works well for smaller classes (less than 10 students). It works well as an icebreaker/name game as well.

1) Students tap rhythm - two slaps on the knees followed by two claps of the hands and repeat. The teacher starts by saying her name as she slaps her knees. The next time she slaps her knees, she says the name of a student. That student says his name and then the name of another student ("Joe, Andre"; "Andre, Ana"), and so on, keeping on the beat. As students become more familiar with each others' names, accelerate the rhythm until someone trips up.

2) Next the teacher asks each student to pick an animal that they like (ie. "zebra"), and writes it on the board to make sure everyone understands. The class repeats the game, except instead of saying students' names, they use the animal each student has chosen.

3) Students are now asked to add a colour before their animal. The game now goes something like this: "blue zebra, orange rabbit" "orange rabbit, purple lion"...etc...

4) Students are now required to add an adjective. Things like "funny red ostrich" will appear. At this point students are speaking as fast as they can, and the results are hilarious!

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