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TYPHOON-blackboard game

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This is one to help review and get all the kids in your class involved. Beware, they can get pretty excited.
It has the similar notion of Battleship (where you can sink other players ships) You draw a grid on the blackboard. You can make it as big or small as you wish. Label A B C down the side and 1 2 3 across the top. On your own paper (which the students can't see) you draw the same grid but put 'typhoons' in some of the squares. Divide the team into teams, and give them each a house (draw a house under their team name). Take turns asking each team a question. You can ask individuals or ask group questions where they have to collaborate on an answer. If they get the question correct, then they get another house drawn and can choose a square. For example A5. If there is no typhoon in that square then they forfeit their turn. If there is a typhoon then yell out typhoon and destroy all the houses of the other team (erase them from the board). If playing with more than 2 teams, the team can choose which team to destroy.
You can change up the game by adding one volcano which destroys all houses including your own, or by erasing just one at a time (also erasing more for discipline). The winner is the team with the most houses. Enjoy

Jennifer Beijing China

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