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Who's Faster Stepping Game

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Can be used for beginning to high level students of most any age.

Phonics, Letters, Numbers, Words, Sentences ... almost anything that you are teaching, reviewing or want to practice with the students.

Prepare what you want to focus on whether it is the ABC's, phonics sounds or a certain sentence. Attach each of those papers onto a large foam block. (the ones we use on the floors here in Taiwan, and that make great big dice to roll) Tape each paper onto one side of the foam piece, be sure to leave one block blank or empty too.(make one set for each team, I usually have 3 teams that race against each other)

Place the words of the sentence or what you are teaching in a small circle with the blank foam piece in the middle.

If it is a sentence that the children are practicing they will start in the middle and then have to step onto each word in the correct order saying it as they go. (the rest of the class can keep repeating the whole sentence together to remind the players) The players can step on the blank square without going 'out' if they cannot reach the next word by stepping. (Especially needed for little children as they have little legs)

If it is words you want them to practice you can either write the order up on the whiteboard or call them out aloud to the students who are racing against each other.

If the students step on the floor, or on a wrong word they are out of the game. It is best if you still ask them to finish reading or saying all of the words though.

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