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My student's call the the Scary Miss Katrina game and my 4 year olds all the way up to my 10 year olds love it!

Little preparation needed. You can use picture or word flashcards. I keep the students sitting in their chairs in a horseshoe shape with the teacher at the front. You will award the flashcards to the students who can call out the correct name first. Then they need to return them to you and get back to their seats without being caught by the monster. (you)

Explain rules to the students for both parts. Remind them to please be careful if they are running back to their chairs, I have had a few chairs come close to tipping over because the students jump back into them with such force. Ask the other students to please keep their feet in as well.

The teacher slowly pulls the last flashcard up and wait for the student's to try and call out the correct name or word on the card. The first student to say it correctly gets to take and hold the flashcard in their seats.

After all the flashcards are with the students (I use 8 at a time in a class of 24) the fun part really starts. I look around at the students ... and the ones who are trying to hide their cards from my sight. I ask the class who has ___? (name of the flashcard) The student holding it needs to bring it back to the teacher.

Stand with one hand up that they need to hand the card into. The other hand held lower, wiggling it around and take a few steps towards the student. The students will jump back and shake a bit.

Their goal is to give the card back to you, and run back to their seat without being caught by you. You can only chase them once they have successfully given the card to you. Many students will throw the card at you and run away, make them come back and hand it to you. Others will just shriek, drop the card and run.

I laugh as much as they do in this game. It is definitely a favorite with my kids!

Hsinchu, Taiwan

[email protected]

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