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Eva's Excellent Idea: Online Journal

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Okay- Here is something I tried and it is going well.

For Schools: It maintains connection with the students which is good for PR and many of our students end up returning time and again when they have free time. Its all about Customer Service Baby!

For Teachers in school: This is an easy way to do journals which I use for practice expressing thoughts and correcting ones mistakes, and I correct under level 4, but levels 5 and above I use as a fluency exercise and do not correct. Also- students speak one way- write another way, and on the computer they write yet another way. Writing on the computer (weather it is business email or casual correspondence) is a skill that many of the learners of English will need to use.

For Teachers out of class: Some students want to write to you and ask you to correct their emails. Some teachers actually do this. I find an online journal helps a teacher manage their time better.

This is the announcement I sent out:
Welcome to the Online Journal:

Weekly Topic is: What is something you are optimistic about?

For Newcomers:
For those of you who are new- this is a free service provided by Ms. Eva Lynne, a teacher at Gateway Language Village, Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, P.R. China.

This service began because as a learner of English you can find others to speak with occasionally but it is very difficult to find someone to correct your writing. For those of you learning English for business and schooling abroad, you need to be able to write and email with intelligence and fluency.

Each week a topic is chosen by Ms. Lynne and sent to the learners of English on the list. During the week you may respond at your leisure. This is a learning tool and a paragraph or two is enough to learn from. Your online journal will be corrected and commented on and sent back to you at the end of the week.

I am sorry, but I can only extend this service to students, and international students who are either presently attending or have already attended our Gateway Language Village English Language Training Center in Zhuhai.

With sincere hopes for an understanding and more peaceful world:
Ms. Eva Lynne
[email protected]

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