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Class Olympics

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Seeing as the Athens Olympics are this year I came up with this game to teach superlatives. Before class write the names of different countries on small slips of paper (I made about 40 - the number of students in my largest class). Then have duplicate slips in a small bag.
During class give each student a country. If you have an assistant teacher, ask them to then pull out the names of three countries from your bag. The students with the corresponding countries come to the front of the class. They then take part in an 'event'. Some examples of my events are arm wrestling, donut eating, holding breath, making and throwing a paper plane, staring contests and ping pong. You can also make gold, silver and bronze medals using your own art skills, or just by finding medal pictures on google image search and pasting them onto card.
Its a good way to reinforce superlatives (who is the strongest; who can hold their breath the longest, who can throw the furthest etc). Failing that its just good to warm up kids and get their attention.


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