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4 legs, 2 legs, none (Duck duck goose variation)

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I learnt 'Duck, duck, goose' in the US. I invented a variation when I taught 5 - 8 year olds in Taiwan. Go around the circle using names of animals first with four legs, e.g. dog, cat, cow, horse etc then (in the same tone) say an animal that doesn't have four legs, e.g. snake. If the kid whom you touch when you say 'snake' isn't on the ball, and doesn't immediately jump up and chase you, the others in the group (if they understand the game) will probably tell him he is 'it' and that he must run. My students caught on really quickly and loved this game. If they are really bright and into it, you could get tricky and use e.g.'boy' and 'monkey'


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