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Smelly Socks

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This is really just "hot pototo", but to add a twist to the game I used a pair of thick winter socks as the potato. I've tried this out on grades 4 - 8 and they've all loved it.

Play up the smelly part by putting the socks to your nose and making a distorted face (my students were in stitches over this). Roll the socks into a ball and then throw them into the class. Watch as the kids go bananas trying to avoid the socks.

Have a countdown and the student left with the socks at the end has to answer an English question. They have a time limit to answer. If they run out of time you say the answer but have them stand on their chair until the next person can't answer. This will also cause a great deal of excitement as the student tries to bat at the socks as they flying around the room.

Jed Looker
Wuxi, China
[email protected]

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