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Common mistakes of German ESL students

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Hello, I got an undergrad degree in German and now live in Germany and teach ESL. Here is a list I've given my students of common mistakes German speakers make.

--Schwer vs Heavy/Hard--
The German word schwer has two meanings in English. The first is heavy which means something weighs a lot such as a backpack. The second meaning is hard. ?Hard? means that something is not easy.

Dieser Rucksack ist schwer = This backpack is heavy.
Die Hausaufgabe ist schwer = The homework is hard.

--Aktuel vs Current/actually--
The German word aktuel looks similar to ?actually? or ?actual? in English. However, the meaning is completely different. Aktuel refers to current events or things that are current (happening now). The English word ?actual? means real or existing in the sense of actual (real) vs. imagined.

--Ausleihen vs Lend/Borrow--
In German, there is only one word for giving people money and someone giving you money. In English, to lend means that one person gives another person money. To Borrow means that one person gets money from another. To lend is to give, to borrow is to receive.

May I borrow 10 euros? I'll pay you back tomorrow.
Sure, I'll lend you 10 euros .

--Erinern vs Remember/Remind--
Erinnern has two meanings in English and German. But in English, there are two different words for each meaning. To remember is the opposite of ?to forget.? To Remind is to cause someone to remember.

I can't remember where my keys are.
Please remind me to call my mother.

--Aufgeregt vs Excited/Anxious--
The German word Aufgeregt has two meanings in English. The first is excited. Excited is a positive word. It means something good will happen. The second meaning is anxious which is negative. ?Anxious? means uneasy, nervous, worried.

I'm very excited about my trip to Turkey.
Are you excited about going to University?

I'm a bit anxious. I think I did poorly on the test.
Are you anxious about having surgery?

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