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I am currently teaching English to 180 kids aged 5-16yrs at an orphanage in Guatemala.As you can imagine, this is quite a task, we are only accessible by boat and donīt have many supplies.A lot of the kids have emotional, attention and behavioural problems and my spanish is far from perfect!
However, below are some ideas l picked up by reading this great site every week-thank you to those who contribute, its a huge help!
With my kids l quickly realized hands on visual activities were a winner.
Some ideas for Games on colours when you can't just grab that good old over head projector or photocopier are as follows.
1) Hand make little bingo boards out of cardboard and colour in the squares.Review colours with the class and play colour bingo.the kids love it.
2)Cut up coloured squares and lay them in a row on the ground (preferably outside)where there is room to move.Have the kids stand on one side of the area and you on the other.Call out a colour in english (& L1 if necessary). The aim of the game is for the kids to run and pick up the correct colour card.Groups can be organised and points given to the students who get the correct colour cards.
3) make Coloured playdough and review colours that way.
4) Asking the students to volunteer out the front and ask while pointing to an item of their clothing, What colour is this?

muchas gracias, anyone who has more ideas on how to teach in more unusual situations with really limited resources, my ears are open
Bell, Australian
In Guatemala,Central America.
[email protected]

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