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The silent lesson

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I can't take full credit for this lesson a friend of mine thought of the idea one day when she lost her voice. This lesson help my students to stop mumbling and to open their mouths when speaking and appreciate other means of communication, anyway here is the lesson

The Silent Lesson- level intermediate-advanced

Aim- to develop studentís ability to communicate using more than just language
Preparation time nothing

Firstly enter the class and tell the students that you want no noise for the entire lesson the students must use lip reading and body language to understand each other.

Part 1

Chinese whispers, this is the opening game; divide the students into teams of between five and ten and make them stand in a row. Give one end of the row of students a pen and the other end an idiom or phrase in English. The phrase must pass from student to student until it reaches the last student who writes the phrase or idiom on the board. The winning team is the one who gets closest to the original phrase in the quickest time.
10-15 mins
Part 2

Divide the students into pairs, threes or fours; each group must design a skit of between 30s and a minute. This is again done in silence. Once the groups have finished creating their sketches they come back as a class, each group takes it in turns to perform their sketch while the other groups try to guess what is happening and what is being said.
25-30 mins

Part 3

The students have to each imagine a new personality for themselves, including everything they can think of, family, job, upbringing etc, they must also have problems it should not all be good, perhaps terminal illness, or they are divorced basically anything they can think of, let them be imaginative. Then they must travel around their class talking to as many students as they can, using just lip reading and body language, and find out all the details of their class mates lives.
30-35 mins

Part 4

Come back as a class and talk about the pros and cons of the lesson. How easy did the students find it to communicate without sound? What can the students take from this lesson to help improve their language? And any other questions you can think of.
10-15 mins

this lesson is simply a guide line, teachers can adapt it to suit their needs and the classes needs, have fun and enjoy the silence.

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