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Tarantino´s Pulp Fiction

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I used Tarantino´s Pulp Fiction to help students
practice future with be + going to.
Here´s how the activity goes:
You play the second scene of the movie where the characters of John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson are getting out of the car and walk into a building. The scene is about 3 minutes long. You stop playing the video on the exact part where John and Jackson knock on an apartment´s door. It´s really intriguing because it´s really hard to guess what´s going to happen next. So here´s the thing: you ask your students to guess what´s going to happen on the next scene based on the conversations on the scene you just played. They are gonna have to write a continuation for the movie using the future going to.You can divide the class into pairs and they have to use their imagination to write about the film. It encourages them to speak and write. My students had a lot of fun and the movie is excelent.

Marcia Baroni
from Brazil

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