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Table Smashing Fun

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This works really well with small groups or if you have a large group, divide them up into smaller groups, it just might be harder to do 'quality control.'

-Make a list of vocabulary words, normally ones they have been studying, or need to review, and put each word in English on its own sheet of paper.
-Lay out the words on a table and have the group stands around the table.
-Call out a word (in their language) and they have to find the word in English and slap it before anyone else does. If they are correct, they get to keep the word. For example, I say the word 'Tisch' in German, and they must find the English equivalent, 'Table.'
-Whoever has the most 'words' at the end wins.

If you don't know the language of your students or you teach a group of students with several mother languages, then you could describe the word in English, etc.

Sometimes they just slap any word, so in order to find out if the word was really learned or not, I make them say a sentence with the word in it or tell me the German equivalent.

This game has ALWAYS been a hit and their vocab has really increased since introducing this game. USE IT!!

Liz Schroeder

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