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Mother's Day

Age: 5-10 years
Level: Beginner/Elementary
Time: 45mins-1hour
 Revise family related vocabulary.
 Describe what my mum can do using can for ability. She can…….
 Describe what my mum likes using She likes…….
 Describe my mum using She is……..
 Make a 3D Mother's Day card
 Make and play a Mother's Day bingo game

Vocabulary: mother (mum), father, brother, sister, me, grandfather, grandmother
Any abilities students already know e.g. I can play football/I can play the guitar
Any likes and dislikes students know e.g. ice cream, chocolate, baked beans
Any adjectives students know e.g. kind, beautiful, helpful, happy

Cross-Curricular links:

Photos or drawings of your family/A family,
Coloured pencils/pastels or felt tip pens.
Two A3 bingo templates for the teacher and two A4 bingo templates for each student (see below).
A5 paper or thin card for each student for the pop-up.
A4 paper or thin card for each student for the pop-up.

To make the pop-up:
1. Take a piece of A4 paper/card and fold it in half widthways to be the foundation.
2. When the students have finished drawing on their A5 paper/card, fold it half lengthways and snip of a diagonal corner at the top, on the fold. Fold back the mitred flaps.
3. Align the snipped off, mitred corner with the central spine of the foundation and glue down the bottom flap.
4. Put glue on the top flap and fold and stick the right foundation on top.

 Hold up a photo/drawing of your family, say, look, my family point and say my father, my mother etc. Ask questions about the photo, how many people are there? Who's this? Etc. Now ask children to describe their family as best they can, whole class or in pairs, using I have got…/There are (6) in my family etc
 Explain (using a calendar) that on the 21st March (UK) or 5 May (USA) is a very special day, it's Mother's Day. Brainstorm students' knowledge about Mother's Day.
 Draw a large picture of your Mum (or an imaginary Mum) on the board doing for example, running/playing the guitar/playing football (any vocabulary students have already been exposed to). Say look, my Mum can play the guitar. She can play the guitar. Encourage students to repeat. Repeat with a few more examples with she can…. Next, mime these abilities and ask what can she do? Students respond.
 Now ask the students to think about and then mime what their Mums can do. They take it in turns to mime an ability and ask what can she do? Other students try to guess, she can ….. ? Yes/No. Write/draw the examples on the board

Main Activities:
 Younger students can make a 3D Mother's Day card. Students draw on a piece the A5 card one thing their mother can do. Colour with felts/crayons/pastels. Make the pop-up for each student (see above).
 More able students can make a picture/written bingo game. Demonstrate how to make the bingo game on the A3 templates, using the pictures and phrases on the board. Demonstrate how to play the game.
 Hand out two bingo templates to each student (see below). The students then draw four things their mothers can do on one template. On the other template, students write a corresponding description she can…. They then cut out the written descriptions (and write their names on the back).
 Divide the class into teams of three or four and play bingo. Shuffle the team members written descriptions. Assign a caller. The player's chorus what can mum do? The caller reads the written description and if any student has the corresponding picture she/he shouts yes, she can…The caller gives the description to the player who then covers their picture. The first to cover all the pictures is the winner.
 The game can be played with their Mothers on Mother's Day.

 Share students' work and repeat the mime game from the introduction.

Extension/further activities:
 Repeat with She likes… and she is…. Instead of she can…

Weblinks: for instructions on how to make a 3D Mother's Day card. for information and craft activities for Mother's Day.

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